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Thread: Petaluma, CA-Bans new gas stations.

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    Petaluma, CA-Bans new gas stations.

    PETALUMA, Calif. — A Northern California city has become what’s believed to be the first in the country to ban all new gas stations in an effort to curb carbon emissions.

    The Petaluma City Council voted unanimously Monday to prohibit the creation, expansion, reconstruction and relocation of gas stations, encouraging owners to transition to stations that serve electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    The city of 58,000 people 40 miles north of San Francisco hopes to become carbon neutral by 2030.

    “We need to do our part to help mitigate and adapt to our changing weather patterns that exist because of all the carbon we put in the atmosphere,” Councilwoman D’Lynda Fischer, who spearheaded the initiative, said Tuesday.

    The Californication of the nation continues, feel the love.

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    Expect this to happen in not just California, but also the entire country.
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    For those who don't know, the majority of gas stations in California were shut down decades ago in California. MTBE was a refinery waste product that they added to gasoline to make it burn “cleaner”. LOL. They found it was very good at penetrating and polluting ground water. Another green fail. The convenient result was stringent regulations and retrofit requirements in all gas stations (dig up and replace tanks), that only the big companies could afford. Put half of the gas stations out of business, eliminating competition. One of the reasons that gasoline is so expensive in California.
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