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Thread: NH starts process to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State.

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    Exclamation NH starts process to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State.

    @Matt Collins

    Great News, Anti Federalist,

    We have great news to share!

    Last week during the House Session, HB246 the 'Eldercare Gun Confiscation Bill' was killed by the full House. Even better, it was killed in such a way that it's dead for both 2021 and 2022!

    The committee came out and said the bill was unworkable, but they wanted a 2nd chance to work at passing this over the summer. The gun owners said NO!

    This pet-project for Dem. Leader Renny Cushing of Hampton was dealt a fatal blow on the House floor – thanks to the help of members like you continuing to push back on these dangerous policies.

    I want to reiterate: thanks to you, the grassroots gun owners who contacted your reps - on the floor, the desire from the anti-gunners was trampled and the bill was indefinitely postponed, meaning the bill now requires 2/3rds of the body to work on at any time over the next two years.

    Defeating a bill with an indefinite postponement is a rare event, even less so when it is the Minority Leaders personal bill.

    Congratulations are in order on this win!!!

    More good news….

    We're also moving towards becoming a second amendment sanctuary state! To accomplish this, we must, at a minimum, do three things:

    We must prevent localities from implementing gun rules and regulations (HB307)

    We must prohibit New Hampshire Law Enforcement Officers from enforcing Federal gun control gambits (SB154 with language changes)

    We must adopt a Constitutional Amendment to further protect our firearm rights. CACR8

    And here's the modification made by CACR8 to part first Article 2-a;

    [Art.] 2-a. [The Bearing of Arms.] All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property, and the State. Neither the Legislature nor any political subdivision of the State shall enact any law, regulation, or rule that limits the right of a person to own, carry, or use firearms or firearm accessories in any manner. Any federal law that infringes upon rights guaranteed in this New Hampshire constitution shall be unenforceable by New Hampshire law enforcement.

    Two of these bills are up on the floor for a full House vote at the next House session. This is where we need you to get involved:

    CACR 8, a New Hampshire proposal to protect firearms rights, passed committee last Friday. This will be up for a vote by the full House soon and will require three-fifths of the body.

    Given the number of the gun-grabbers in the statehouse, we have a real fight to get this passed. It can be done, but...we all need to work together. Please contact (email or call) your own reps on this important constitutional amendment.

    This is where phone calls and emails to EVERY house member matter.

    Contact your Representatives today and ask them to support CACR 8!

    Next, House Bill 307, as amended, passed Committee on Monday.

    This bill further strengthens the state's preemption laws – prohibiting localities from adopting firearm rules and regulations without direct authorization of the state. While we have had preemption for years, local officials have knowingly violated state law as there was no penalty for failing to comply. This bill corrects that issue.

    All too often we see municipalities, school districts, or other subdivisions of the state attempting to make rules and regulations regarding firearms – even with the current preemption laws we have in effect. HB 307 will put a stop to this ridiculous practice. Tell your state reps to support OTP/A on HB307 when they vote in two weeks.

    Thanks again for your efforts to protect our rights!

    This year we can make significant gains in protecting our second amendment rights, with your help. Contact your reps today and tell them to support CACR8 and HB307 as amended!

    Lastly, there is one additional bill hearing on Wednesday that we need your help at: HB196 is a small expansion of our defensive display laws. Defensive display is a concept that is defined as simply displaying a firearm should not be a crime.

    Please contact the Criminal Justice and Public and let them know to pass HB196 as submitted.
    For Liberty,

    JR Hoell, Secretary
    New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
    Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings. - Heinrich Heine 1823

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    All red states should become 2nd Amendment sanctuary states.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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