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Thread: Dissecting the Vaccine

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    Pfizer Macht Frei!

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    This isn't a vaccine. It's nothing more than an experimental gene therapy. Only idiots would want to take this kind of risk.
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    I watched the first 15 minutes. Dr. Wakefield seems legit, not a quack conspiracy theorist.

    The only question I would have for him is the duration of mRNA. He made a point of saying “it can’t be turned off”, but really the mRNA will eventually leave the body, and the cells that produced the viral protein will die. The mRNA and cells affected will be gone. What won’t be gone is the immune response to these proteins, which is where the possibly of vaccine enhanced immune response arrives.

    The major question that this experiment on the general population must answer is how will this synthetic mRNA derived immune response differ from the natural response to having the real virus? Essentially they are crossing their fingers, hoping that vaccine induced enhanced immune response does not occur, and that other unknown effects don't appear. The early testing was so short term that long term effects are still unknown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    What won’t be gone is the immune response to these proteins, which is where the possibility of vaccine enhanced immune response arrives.
    This is why every animal trial ever dealing with mrna shots had been stopped, this exact thing always happens. Now it seems this shot also can give you uncontrollable muscle spasm or facial palsy, if it doesn't outright kill you within 24 hrs of second dose.
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