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Thread: Will Biden Blockade Florida?

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    Will Biden Blockade Florida?

    Will Biden Blockade Florida?

    According to the Miami Herald, the Biden Administration is considering imposing travel restrictions on some states, including Florida, to combat what it claims is the spread of "mutated" coronavirus. Is this science...or politics? Also today: Newsom recall effort passes milestone; Doctors concerned about blood disorder cropping up; Who wanted the lockdowns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    Doctors concerned about blood disorder cropping up
    Ya know what helps prevent that? Hydroxychloroquine. Malaria is a blood disorder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    Will Biden Blockade Florida?

    According to the Miami Herald,

    Is the Herald worthy of credit? I ask forthrightly as I don't know.

    the Biden Administration is considering imposing travel restrictions on some states,
    Where in the Constitution is this power loaned? I recall no such power, but even if I prove mistaken, I cannot imagine that it would exist save in time of war. Are we to take it that war has been declared on a virus? Even so, how does this lend the power to "blockade" a state? What does "blockade" even mean here? "Travel restrictions" in themselves do not constitute a "blockade". I must therefore conclude that unless there is more to the story, someone at the Herald is abusing words; perhaps for dramatic effect? We don't need another jackass with a keyboard and insufficient smarts, not to mention ethics, waving their hands like paddles in the attempt to stir up even more drama than that in which we are now awash.

    ...combat ...spread ..."mutated" coronavirus. Is this science...or politics?
    Is that a serious question?

    We are seeing a classic dialectic pattern. We have been seeing it non-stop for over 100 years. "The sky is falling! Quickly everyone, do as I say and you will be saved!"

    Pardon my Frog, but how $#@!ing stupid does one have to be in order not to see what is going on here? Granted there are more than one possibility, but they all lead us to the same place, and result is all that really matters. Conspiracy? Not conspiracy? Innocent ignorance driven by good intentions? Malice at work? Irrelevant all, the only thing mattering being the place to which they all lead; a place called "hell on earth" - as if a quarter step from its maw weren't close enough.
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    Pray for reset.

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