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Thread: Moderna developing special booster shot for South Africa strain

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    Moderna developing special booster shot for South Africa strain


    Moderna developing COVID-19 vaccine booster shot against South Africa variant

    It has been interesting to see the schizophrenic take of the legacy media on this NIAID-funded preclinical work over the past couple of days. One narrative is that these results prove that the existing vaccination regimen provides protection against all the mutating strains and that there is nothing to worry about. The other theme (mostly from business-oriented journalists) are touting the market opportunity that new strains will be offering. After all, if a stick solves the problem then eventually you run out of market. But, if every new strain requires a new booster then it is a never ending cash cow.

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    I take this as confirmation that the vax makers don't know what they are doing. The whole thing appears rushed and unsafe.

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