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Thread: Actor Tim Matheson's tweet about FLOTUS crossed the line

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    Thumbs down Actor Tim Matheson's tweet about FLOTUS crossed the line

    Nothing wrong with actors, showbiz personalities etc jumping into politics but this kinda rhetoric crosses the line:

    Both are able to communicate properly, that's what really matters. Don't think Constitution has any requirements that FLOTUS be fluent in English. Prez Trump at times called on FLOTUS to speak to media and she did well in her role on various causes including kids education, masks & social distancing campaign to fight covid, securing freedom for Rocky A$AP etc.

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    I don't know who Tim Matheson is, and I don't care so much about Melania Trump, but I do think that public non-political figures who speak out on political issues are idiots.

    I don't talk about politics with my customers unless I'm 100% sure that we agree on the topic. But these people are too vain and arrogant to get that. I won't patronize anything this douche is a part of... and not because he's a liberal and I'm not. I won't patronize him because he inhabits a bubble that I'm not a part of, and he would have me no part of.

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    Never heard of him till saw Foxnews, DM headlines today. On that point, wondering if his perception of hollywood being pro democrats was also part of motivation to boost his acting career, just speculation as have no idea about motives.

    But Reagan and Trump were also showbiz industory actors off and on when they started speaking out on political issues and don't think that alone would make them 'idiots'.

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    Partisan hypocrisy on full display.

    If he had made fun of the accent of literally any other immigrant in this country, partisan Republicans would be cheering him on and partisan Democrats would have him in a pillory.

    This is the problem with partisanship. Principle makes it a jealous god.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DamianTV View Post
    Define Terrorist please.

    According to, well, pretty much both political parties, the other party is now guilty of Terrorism.
    Listening to the mainstream media is like standing under a power line when the birds are migrating.

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    True , Melania has more class than anyone whose been there since Bush left without a doubt . Now if they could just teach biden to speak english .

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    Quote Originally Posted by oyarde View Post
    True , Melania has more class than anyone whose been there since Bush left without a doubt . Now if they could just teach biden to speak english .
    Doubt he can even think in English.

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    I would think Melania's PORNO PICS would be more problematic. LOL, only Trump could have brought in the 1st first lady to have actually done porn. Too bad it wasnt enough to stop him from continuing to get some side action from 'escorts'. LOL.

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    The world is an Orwellian nightmare now.
    The US is not a democracy.
    The government and illegal immigrants don't
    obey the law. You are on camera constantly,
    the Gestapo is everywhere, you must give your fingerprints to drive,
    you are being tracked by license plate readers, you'll be groped if
    you travel or go to a ball game, you must wear a microchip if you
    go to Disneyland, you cannot use the Internet if you don't have a
    phone and you can't get a phone without a facial scan,
    everything is illegal, the government is wiretapping you,
    you don't have free speech, you don't have religious rights,
    guns are banned, the government can steal your property,
    the government can extrajudicially assassinate you and
    torture you, cash is illegal, and you cannot escape because the
    border is closed.

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