I've had an idea kicking around in my head going on nearly thirty years, that of the formal algebraic definition and subsequent proof of the concept of "equality" as it applies to the interrelationships between individual human beings.

The inauguration of the frauds Biden and Harris have lead to my being so rudely awakened at 4 AM by my nagging brain which so abruptly and forcefully shouted at my unconscious self that the time for this is suddenly upon us.

Years ago I formulated the Canon of Proper Human Relations, which deals directly with the idea of what it means in point of objective fact for people to be "equal". It is, however, a very informal specification, lacking any formal proof of validity, relying instead on its intuitive obviousness for its power. While the underlying logic is valid, so far as I am able to tell, because of its lack of mathematical formalilty and therefore the absence of a formal proof of said validity, it can be attacked by opponents with success. Humans, being what we tend, are readily swayed with the most inanely fallacious reasonings imaginable. Truly I say that the effectiveness of the most rank idiocies that accord with the innermost desires of given individuals that lay contrary to truths they for which they do not care, has been almost universally staggering. The current state of the so-called "left" is all the example anyone should need to prove with blunt and brutal force the dolorous extent and manner of this truth.

The production of a mathematically rigorous definition, using a property-oriented algebraic spefication language such as ASL, SPECTRE, and so forth, plus the formal proof of the definition's validity, could go a very long way toward sealing off the invalid, yet emotionally compelling avenues of denial that people use to deny truths they find inconvenient or otherwise objectionable. The motivations for such corruptions of thought, opinion, and expression may be manifold, but they are nonetheless irrelevant, constituting noise in the stream of valid logic that in this case would lead humanity to a deep truth upon which all may rely as a vital cognitive anchor.

Staunching the flow of politically motivated stupidity could in theory provide immense benefit to humanity and I will assert with non-equivocation that a vast plirality of our outward corruptions of thought and opinion on such maters stems from the various incorrect notions that people hold regarding the idea of "equality".

Even those who self-ID as lovers of liberty often hold incomplete and at times wholly incorrect ideas about what it means for people to be equals among each other. The ideals floating about in the skulls of sorts such as "progressives" are not even on the same planet as sanity, the belief for example that guarantees of outcome constitutes the proper definition of "equality".

If an objectively correct and proven algebraic formality can be presented to the world, free for all to see, approach, touch, and freely make what effort they may to refute, vast avenues of The Stupid would subsequently be closed off to people, normatively. That, of course, would no necessarily stop the nitwits and other corrupts from doing what they have always done, but it would provide intelligent men of integrity and honor not only a foundation upon which to shape, hone, and rest their views on certain very human matters, but would be able to use that validly unassailable thought-object to judge the opinions of others on such matters and use it as the means for dismantling the falsehoods and fallacies that today are employed as the justification for some men running roughshod over the rights and liberties of the rest.

Just ad "God" once served as that anchor for the thoughts and opinions and perceptions of men, so could such a proven specification serve in the face of the atheist who cares no whit for what is for him the hateful notion of the Divine. Being able to clobber corrupted people with a provable, objective truth which they would be unable to validly and credibly refute could facilitate results that have heretofore been unattainable precisely due to the presence of elements that boil down to opinion versus opinion. Remove the wiggle room.

Such a proof could fail to produce the desired result, and to that I say "so what?" It's not been done before (to my knowledge), and so why not give it a swing? What have we to lose by trying? Nothing, but could gain much.

I've been out of the formal side of academic computing and math for thirty years and probably no longer have the chops to take on this task, if I even dare flatter myself with the implication that i ever did. Algebras, signatures, operators, and so on is a relatively arcane and not particularly easy branch of mathematics. I will definitely need some help getting this off the ground, much less completed. I don't think it is a monumental task, though I could prove mistaken, but it is a lot for me at this point in my life.

So I would ask whether any of you know anyone with these sorts of discrete mathematical skills who might be interested in joining me in the quest to identify a truth I believe we all know to be objectively valid, yet which has to date and to my knowledge not been revealed to men?

Truly I think this could be significant, if not for this generation, some future crowd who may seek such an objectively correct and proven element of cognition by which they might formulate or otherwise demonstrate for themselves the proper basis for living well in each others' company, freely, happily, worthily, and with optimal prosperity.