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Thread: Trump deliberately trying to lose his support base?

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    Exclamation Trump deliberately trying to lose his support base?

    Why is he still running back to treacherous Foxnews (that stabbed him in the back with with premature AZ, GA, PA election calls while votes were still being counted) instead of going to Newsmax or Qanon?
    Fox played a leading role in his election defeat by normalizing "stolen election", this move seems irrational to the untrained eye. It appears as if he's following in foot steps of his Sec of State Pompeo (who palled around last week with "treacherous" Netanyahu days after claims emerged of zionists + dems helping with coup against Prez Trump).

    Donald Trump Sets Fox News Interview For Sunday As He Backtracks On White House Exit Comments
    By Patrick Hipes
    November 27, 2020

    Trump deliberately trying hard to lose.

    Why Conservatives Stopped Watching Fox News

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    Same reason Rand goes on the controlled narrative networks. Get the message out to people still plugged into the cable tv mantra.
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    The reason to continue with FOX is because the others are not on regular TV. He will not have the coverage he will with FOX. Even the Democrats will tune in. I have been following very closely as I have a page on Mewe now since FB tried to take mine down there and post daily updates to what is happening with all the lawsuits and such. In no way is he trying to lose. The idiots he has working for him made those mistakes. Whether they were on purpose deliberately trying to sabotage him is open for debate. Trump is being told many things and it is hard to know who to trust anymore since the neocons have declared war on him. I pretty sure he will prevail as long as SCOTUS does not stab him in the back. We will see very soon. The Cuomo ruling was a good sign of things to come.
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    If that was the case then he did a pretty horrible job considering how many votes he got this time around.
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