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Thread: An awesome new novel... By me!

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    An awesome new novel... By me!

    I just published an action/adventure/horror novel. I have a certificate in screenwriting from UCLA and my novels read lightning fast like a movie sword fight. In the last two years I wrote the rough drafts to the first 6 novels in this series and I should be releasing a follow up every 3 to 4 months. If anyone doubts the validity of the survival skills, fights, or any actions in the novel, I will demonstrate them on my youtube channel.

    If you like or don't like it, please leave an amazon review-- good or bad, it gets publicity.

    Also please excuse my Amazon page, I don't have full access to it, just my publisher at this moment. Nor has my publisher uploaded the Kindle version, yet.

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    Order confirmed. I just got in

    so I'll pick up yours when I lay this one down.

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    Just a heads up if you are tight on cash. I will be reducing the price in late January/February to promote book 2.

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    Just ordered one.
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