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Thread: Anti-War Policy

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    Anti-War Policy

    I remember the anti war movement of the 60's the youth actually stopped the Vet Nam War. I think this is the pure movement the most high minded and aligned with spiritual will of God. I think the Anti-War people need to get up off their butts.


    I know a lot of people see war on the horizon hold tight don't let the kings put their holds on us. Love one another and love your enemy and your neighbor as yourself. Why would you want to send your children off to war? Do you think people like our military killing their neighbors and family? WTF people come on now.

    Walk in the way that you know is right and you will find your friends. Let peace begin with me and you. Blessed are the peace makers. Think about it.
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    The Anti-war phenom of the 60's is dead as a doornail. That was the baby boomers, who didn't want to fight it, but they are all grown up now and most love war. Most ant-war non intervention groups of today are toothless. I also think that just like any other political chess game, the movers and shakers learned from the way the Anti-war crowd was able to thwart and stifle the Vietnam war and changed the way the propaganda is served. I mean lets face it. Iraq was a dumpster fire of unprecedented proportions and there was NEVER a significant enough anti-war movement to even get a POTUS elected that would reverse it. We are still there.

    I want peace as much as you do and am a staunch non-interventionist, but I just live through watching them get rid of Paul and vote for a new warmonger.
    The wisdom of Swordy:

    On bringing the troops home
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    They are coming home, all the naysayers said they would never leave Syria and then they said they were going to stay in Iraq forever..... just like Trump said.

    On fighting corruption:
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    Trump had to donate the "right way" and hang out with the "right people" in order to do business in NYC and Hollyweird and in order to investigate and expose them.
    Fascism Defined

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd
    I want peace as much as you do and am a staunch non-interventionist, but I just live through watching them get rid of Paul and vote for a new warmonger.
    I think people who want to end war are the majority it crosses all boundaries. Most people don't want bombs dropped on them and most people do not want to kill others.

    I can see having a military for defense of boarders and civil engineering. I am also for being able to used force to defend ones home and family. There is plenty of ex-military, police and, well armed citizens who want peace. Some of the biggest advocates I know for peace are the military and ex military. They are not sitting on corners waving signs that say make love not war. Most of them work and own small businesses and pay taxes We need to stand up to our reps and get them out if they refuse to do what we want with out money.We have to be a part of the policy process. We have to become involved in real ways.

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