America Is Over. It’s Time To Opt Out

Bob Maistros
November 24, 2020

“I don’t know how he did it. But he did it.” Signature line of Adrian Monk

This correspondent doesn’t know exactly how the Democrats pulled off a heist of biblical proportions: Grand Theft Election.

Maybe it was out-of-staters showing up with truckloads of pre-completed Biden ballots.

Maybe “curing” votes with Republican observers held at a distance.

Maybe, indeed, software flipping millions of tallies from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Probably, an “all-of-the-above” strategy of, as described on these pages over the weekend, assorted “voter irregularities, improbable election processes, questionable official actions and statistical impossibilities” after Democrats openly war-gamed for months.

We – basically every sentient adult American – just know that they did it.

We knew it from the time votes were being held back in swing states on election night (a “water main break.” Yeah, right) in Democratic machine urban areas in four states where Trump was running up double-digit leads. To when, as days passed, the Biden vote count took the kind of sudden vertical leaps previously confined to Third World banana republics. To now, when Democrats, the media and Establishment Republicans rush to finalize America’s hostile takeover.

Like Jimmy Hoffa’s murder 35 years ago, we’ll ultimately know the whos, whats, wheres, whens and hows of this dastardly deed (we already knew the whys). It just will never be provable in court. And certainly not in the short timeframe required to stave off a Biden inauguration.

By the way: Don’t dream for a moment that swing-state state legislators, as also suggested in the above-referenced piece, will step in and blow the whistle. Not after they witnessed Wayne County, Michigan, Republican officials race for cover after being accused of attempting to “steal the election” (exactly what Democrats are doing) for initially refusing to bless results after oddities there.

Nor that the same playbook won’t be executed to the same peachy perfection in the Peach State’s upcoming Senate runoffs.

The certain fruits of Dems’ multi-state, multi-step larceny of the White House and Capitol Hill: the full “Californication” of America also cautioned about on this site last week.

That article quoted Michael Anton from his brilliant opening chapter in “The Stakes” on how middle-class Californians are fleeing “high taxes, higher costs, cratering standards of living, declining services, deteriorating infrastructure (and) worsening quality of life.”

But any equally important citation follows thereafter. Anton queries: “Americans don’t have the luxury of fleeing a Californicated America. Where are we supposed to go?”

The simple answer: nowhere, physically.

Legally and institutionally? That’s another matter. On those fronts, America’s wronged electoral majority needs to do exactly what Californians are doing.

Leave. Opt out. As some would have it: secede. Though the favored word here is “partition.”

Because the United States of America ceased to exist the moment the vote tally crossed the threshold allowing Team Biden to claim “victory” – as the Democrats nullified its existential principle: “consent of the governed.”

Nor can any nation of states be “United” when nearly half of its citizenry has been so aggrieved. Especially when the object is even greater, Californicated aggrievement.

As Ronald Reagan once said of the same Democratic Party, “I didn’t leave them. They left me.”

Now that party has not just left tens of millions of voters. It’s actively exiling us politically and culturally.

The notion of formalizing America’s long separation into two nations may seem to some not just unthinkable, but unspeakable. But speaking the unspeakable is how movements pass from impossibility to reality.

The notion of same-sex “marriage” was so unthinkable in 1972 that a case was dismissed in a single sentence for lack of a “substantial federal question,” the judicial equivalent of “are you kidding me?”

Yet the concept continued to be spoken. Then shouted – demanded – and commanded. With questioners now even persecuted, prosecuted, fined, censured and cancelled.

And not just same-sex marriage. Transgenderism. Climate change. Cost-driving, blackout-inducing renewable mandates. Plus other once instantly discounted and even taboo notions.

Today, partition must follow the same path from anathema to mandate and impossibility to imperative – and much faster to save Red America from Blue Dominion and destruction.

How will it get done? The same way liberals have pulled off their capture of culture and ultimately, their coup: not just speaking the unspeakable until it becomes conventional – but dispensing with niceties such as settled law and procedure.

No asking “Mother-may-I” to Congress. Deep red states should simply declare the Union dissolved by nefarious actions to disenfranchise Americans.

And for the red counties and other jurisdictions that want to part from their urban blue captors, just do it: declare independence – it’s been suggested that California itself could break into as many as six units – or pursue annexation by adjacent departing states.

Partition won’t be easy – breaking up is hard to do – in fact, sorting out who gets what jurisdictionally, financially and especially militarily will be downright ugly and messy.

But the path to making it real begins here and now with open and forthright discussion of those practical whos, whats, whens, wheres, and hows of opting-out.

Because once again, in Election 2020’s aftermath, we already know the whys.