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Thread: Pfizer vaccine could get UK approval within a week, doctors told to be ready on Dec 1

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    Post Pfizer vaccine could get UK approval within a week, doctors told to be ready on Dec 1

    This is pretty major development, UK appears to be moving ahead of US and is hoping ti have all its adult population vaccinated by April 21.

    Pfizer vaccine could get go-ahead from UK regulator within a week as doctors told be ready to deliver jabs on December 1

    Jon Rogers
    22 Nov 2020, 22:49

    PFIZER’S Covid vaccine could get the green light from British regulators by the end of this week.
    A formal appraisal is about to start on the jab developed by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German firm BioNTech, and doctors have been told to be ready on December 1.

    Pfizer's Covid vaccine could get approval in the UK before the US
    Credit: Reuters

    The NHS could start administering the jabs as early as December 1Credit: AFP Government sources told The Daily Telegraph that in a “best case scenario” a decision could be made in less than a week and the NHS could prepare to start giving out the jabs by December 1.

    That would mean the vaccine gets UK approval before the US.
    In the US, the Food and Drug Administration’s key meeting will not be held until December 10.
    The head of the US vaccine programme, Dr Moncef Slaoui, told CNN the vaccine could be rolled out "maybe a day or two after approval, on the 11th or the 12th of December".
    In the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, an independent body, is responsible for the regulatory process and in charge of the timescale.

    It was formally asked by Health Secretary Matt Hancock to check the Pfizer vaccine and approve it.
    It has already been formally asked to assess the vaccine and will receive all the safety and efficacy data on either Monday or Tuesday.
    The NHS has already drawn up plans to start administering vaccines from December 1.
    It is hoped every adult in England will be vaccinated against Covid-19 by April next year.

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    Yep, watch the EU markets open up after this is done.
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