Bold statement from senior WH advisor and historic FDOTUS. This also negates conspiracy theory pushed by Steve Bannon that had painted First Children as 'Democrats'.
Reporting source is non-MSM, still exercise some caution.

Ivanka blasts duel New York investigations of Trumps as ‘harassment pure and simple’ that’s ‘100% motivated by politics’

Nov 20 2020, 7:00 ET
IVANKA Trump ripped a pair of New York State investigations into President Donald Trump's taxes as "harassment pure and simple" and entirely "motivated by politics."

Ivanka, who has been an adviser to her father since he entered the White House in 2017, slammed "NYC Democrats" for the probe after a New York Times report published on Thursday claimed that she appears to have received about $747,000 of the millions in consulting fees her father deducted.

"They know very well that there’s nothing here and that there was no tax benefit whatsoever. These politicians are simply ruthless."

The investigations are focused on Trump's tax write-offs for his company's consulting fees after Ivanka reportedly got a $747,622 tax-free check.

Two people with knowledge of the matter who spoke with the Times said the two fraud investigations – one civil and one criminal – are being conducted independently.

The Times report also revealed that the president reduced his taxable income by deducting roughly $26million in fees to unidentified consultants as a business expense on various projects from 2010 to 2018.

Some of those fees appear to have been paid to Ivanka, who on a 2017 disclosure reported receiving payments from TTT Consulting LLC, a consulting company she co-owned.
The subpoenas were focused on the nearly $748,000 in fees Trump's business paid to TTT Consulting for hotel projects in Hawaii and Vancouver, a person with knowledge of the matter told the Times.
The amount was an exact match for the amount in consulting fees