November 20, 2020
by PAF

The "Deep State" is:

Jared Kushner, Trumps son-in-law, interviewed Moncef Slauoi, former board member of Moderna and chairman of Glaxoklinesmith (which merged with Pfizer in 2018), to head "Operation Warp Speed".

Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska), Bush appointee, supported CARES Act, sponsored S. 3730. CLEAR, which performs some security functions under contract to about 35 airports, would get access to the TSA’s database of personal private information about American citizens, with limited oversight, under a bill (S. 3730 to authorize and modernize the registered traveler program of the Transportation Security Administration, and for other purposes.)

The many, many LOBBYISTS who do not care or concern themselves about "party" affiliation.

The "Deep State" is "Follow the Money".

Ignoring the facts and giving passes to your "favorite team" only strengthens "The Deep State".

One does NOT need to "vote" [give consent] or belong to a "party". You are more than free to contact your republican AND democrat representatives, and let them know where you stand on a particular bill. When people begin to do this, leaving "party" out of the email/phone conversation, perhaps our government will represent us and not the special interest.

Furthermore, Trump or Biden, it DOES NOT MATTER who you DROOL over as KING. See above paragraph.