Arizona Voters Approve Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure

Kyle Jaeger
November 3, 2020

A measure to legalize marijuana has been approved by Arizona voters, according to a projection by the Associated Press.

Advocates have paid close attention to the ballot initiative, as the state’s voters rejected a prior legal cannabis proposal in 2016.

Under the new legalization law, adults will be able to possess up to an ounce of marijuana at a time and cultivate up to six plants for personal use.

AZ Proposition 207: Legalize Marijuana
Last updated: 11/3/2020, 11:07:34 PM
Yes 1,396,524 60.03%
No 929,909 39.97%
2,326,433 votes counted. 71.19% - 85.56% in.
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“Until now, Arizona had imposed some of the strictest prohibition laws in the country; in some instances, the possession of even small amounts of marijuana was classified as a felony,” NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri said. “By rejecting this failed policy, no Arizonan going forward will be saddled with a criminal conviction for engaging in the personal possession or cultivation of cannabis, or face the lifelong stigma that comes with it.”

“Proposition 207 will disrupt the illicit market, end low-level marijuana arrests, create jobs and new revenue,” he added. “This result once again shows that marijuana legalization is not exclusively a ‘blue’ state issue, but an issue that is supported by a majority of all Americans—regardless of party politics.”

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