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Thread: AIPAC conference in March 2021 canceled due to coronavirus

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    Thumbs down AIPAC conference in March 2021 canceled due to coronavirus

    This tangent came up in another thread but important recent news in itself as it could have far reaching impact on many well-funded politicians' politics in months ahead:

    AIPAC conference in March 2021 canceled due to coronavirus

    Loushy’s film premiered at a time of unprecedented crisis for AIPAC. For the first time in decades, the organization’s annual Policy Conference – its ultimate demonstration of grassroots influence, which can attract as many as 18,000 supporters – won’t be happening in 2021. The cancellation was announced a few weeks after it became clear that this year’s Policy Conference, in early March, was responsible for multiple cases of COVID-19 in both the United States and Israel.


    AIPAC says two people at DC conference attended by Pence and others have tested positive for coronavirus

    Mike Pence praying with US coronavirus taskforce

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