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Thread: SCOTUS rules that NC can count ballots up to nine days after election day with no sigs

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    Exclamation SCOTUS rules that NC can count ballots up to nine days after election day with no sigs

    Just in case they can't "harvest" enough votes in PA.

    Supreme Court Rejects GOP Appeal, Allows Democrats to Extend North Carolina Vote-by-Mail Deadline

    Joel B. Pollak 28 Oct 2020

    The Supreme Court has voted 5-3 to deny a request by Republicans to overturn a decision by Democratic authorities in North Carolina to allow mail-in ballots to be counted nine days after Election Day and without a witness signature.

    Justices Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas dissented, though only Gorsuch and Alito signed the dissent. Newly-sworn-in Justice Amy Coney Barrett did not participate in the decision.

    As Breitbart News previously reported:

    Democrats engineered the changes to mail-in voting through a “consent decree” between Democratic Party-aligned groups on the one hand, and state election authorities on the other. The state elections board is led by a Democrat appointed to the role.

    Normally, mail-in ballots are counted in the state if they arrive up to three days after Election Day, and have a witness signature.

    Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the liberal justices, though for reasons that are unclear. One blog speculated that Kavanaugh wished to show deference to the North Carolina State Board of Elections because the state legislature had delegated rule-making power to it.

    Gorsuch’s dissent argues that the state legislature had already passed new election laws, and that it had sole constitutional authority to set election rules. “The parties before us all acknowledge that, under the Federal Constitution, only the state “Legislature” and “Congress” may prescribe “[t]he Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections.” Art. I, §4, cl. 1,” he wrote.

    Gorsuch, joined by Alito, said that the legislature had not given the board “a blank check … allowing it to rewrite the
    election code in any and all consent decrees it may wish to enter.”

    Republicans had lost in both the district court and at the Fourth Circuit.
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    I believe for NC and PA there are caveats to their opinions. If in fact the amount of votes that came after polls close, move the margin between winner/loser, then they will toss the ballots.

    Basically anybody that has their ballots received after election day (perpetually late and ballot harvesting) will only be counted as participation votes. Pretty good troll on the "everybody wins" oh-so-tolerant-left.
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    Tough one. Constitutionally, it’s up to the states.

    Now the question of who in the state has authority to make changes is interesting. Can the state violate it’s own constitution? Did the state legislature disagree? Did the state legislature take action to stop the election changes?
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