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Thread: Justice Barrett Will Declare Open Season on Gun Control Laws

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    Thumbs up Justice Barrett Will Declare Open Season on Gun Control Laws

    Is there a right to carry a weapon into the Michigan State House? Trump supporters think there is, and the president is recruiting an army of poll watchers, potentially armed, to stand guard over his interests on Election Day.
    Expanding gun rights is not just a theoretical exercise, itís happening. And with Amy Coney Barrett likely to soon sit on the Supreme Court, the welcome mat is out for gun rights activists to test the limits of what might be possible in a gun-friendly 6-3 Supreme Court.
    Barrett sent a powerful signal in her dissent last year in Kanter v Barr in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, where she argued that non-violent felons should not lose their right to acquire arms, as currently required by law, though she is fine with felons losing their right to vote.
    Her dissent put her to the right of dozens of Republican-appointed judges across the country who have upheld the prohibition on felons having guns, and even to the right of her mentor, the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Once confirmed, Barrett would likely be the fifth vote on the Supreme Court to strike down gun safety regulations Scalia had pointedly allowed even as he established for the first time in constitutional law with District of Columbia v Heller in 2008 an individualís right to bear arms.

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    I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Originally Posted by misterx
    Like I said, they know exactly what they're doing. They knew all along Barrett was the one they wanted, and they played conservatives for fools yet again.
    Originally Posted by Swordsmyth
    Barret hasn't been picked yet, the rumors are just rumors.


    Look ahead, don't look at past record.

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