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Thread: Trump talks Middle East policy, while Biden and Harris avoid it, stick to coronavirus

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    Post Trump talks Middle East policy, while Biden and Harris avoid it, stick to coronavirus

    With media's help, Biden-Kamala are able to get away with it but Trump could have forced this issue if he really wanted as he's done with some other issues.
    Although technically coronavirus would also become a foreign policy topic if Rudy Giuliani's latest bombshell statement is factual.
    Also, even if MAGA wing sinks at the polls in few days and mideast specialists like Ivanka & first minority SIL Kushner are no longer senior White House advisors, under a VP or Prez Kamala or Momala, a strong connection too mideast/Israel would continue thanks to her would be historic first hubby.
    For any people who may have been worried about "isloationism" in foreign policy if Trump lost and Biden won, no need to panic.

    Trump talks Middle East policy, while Biden and Harris avoid it, stick to coronavirus

    By Philip Weiss October 21, 2020

    Kamala Harris campaigned at two cities in Florida Monday and didn’t mention foreign policy at either event (per online transcription), even as her husband and other Biden proxies are reaching out to Jewish voters there to say that Biden loves Israel. And Democratic Party Israel lobby groups work overtime to affirm the same message.

    Joe Biden’s own stump speech is empty of foreign policy. No Mexico, China, Russia, Afghanistan or the Middle East. The only foreign country I found in two recent speeches (North Carolina and Detroit) is Iraq. And Biden brings up Iraq to show what a hawk he is.

    “[Trump] looks at Americans who put their lives on the line, like my son put the lives on the line to save our nation, calls them losers and suckers. My son Beau spent a year in Iraq, won the bronze star of the conspicuous service medal. He was no sucker.
    And the people he left behind were heroes.
    Bernie Sanders ran against the endless wars and for a more balanced U.S. role in Israel and Palestine. But Biden-Harris are avoiding this issue. They are showing message discipline and keeping the focus on Trump’s terrible handling of the pandemic, and systemic racism, too.
    Biden and Harris evidently regard Trump’s foreign policy as a strength for his campaign. Biden congratulated Trump for the normalization deals he cut between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain. You can see why Biden avoids the topic: One of Biden’s biggest donors fulsomely praises the Trump administration for the deals, and Biden’s point man on Israel is over the moon for the deals.
    Trump believes his foreign policy is a great political asset. He is angry that the last debate isn’t about foreign policy (race, climate change, national security, and leadership).
    Trump leads off his foreign policy remarks in speeches with Israel. He brags that he’s done more to bring peace than Biden has done in 47 years. “Instead of these endless wars, we’re forging peace in the Middle East and peace without blood all over the sand.”

    Trump is also pushing for more Arab normalization deals before November 3. He wants the Sudan to normalize with Israel, and maybe Saudi Arabia too.
    Trump seems to think that these deals will help him with evangelical voters and with Jewish voters in Florida.
    Biden appears to agree with him.
    It surely makes perfect political sense for Biden to be avoiding these issues when he can talk about coronavirus pandemic and racial injustice; but it’s noteworthy that Biden won’t touch on Iran policy. Trump brags about breaking the Iran deal, and ratcheting up cruel sanctions, but Biden doesn’t campaign on his promise to return to the deal, even though some Israel lobby groups have his back. No, Biden treats Iran as an enemy and praises Trump’s assassination of Qasem Soleimani.


    Meet Kamala's proud husband: The 55-year-old hot shot lawyer could be the first Jewish spouse of a president or VP

    19 October 2020

    Emhoff says that Bradley Cooper should play him if a movie is made about his wife

    Doug Emhoff on How Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Will Keep Standing Up for the Jewish Community and Israel

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    FL is supposed to be key for 2020, if Biden wins it, almost certainly game over for GOPA wing:

    Biden runs to Trump’s right in Florida — president is ‘not Israel’s friend’

    By Philip Weiss October 23, 2020

    Biden surrogates are giving no oxygen to the progressive criticism of Israel. They are running Biden to Trump’s right on the issue, saying that by removing forces from Syria, Trump left Israel with “no one to rely on” and his politicization of the issue in the U.S. undermines support for “the Jewish state.”

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    Biden and Harris don't want to talk about Middle East policy because they know people are aware that they want to stay in the Middle East indefinitely.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Globalist View Post
    Biden and Harris don't want to talk about Middle East policy because they know people are aware that they want to stay in the Middle East indefinitely.
    On the debate Biden and Harris already stated they want to stay in the middle east by not making a full withdrawal they want the special forces to stay in all of these countries that is still staying in the middle east and counting the endless wars.

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