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Thread: Obama calls Trump a symptom of "misinformation" led by conservative media

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    Obama calls Trump a symptom of "misinformation" led by conservative media

    Oh look Obama has spoken and calls Trump. This is the same Obama who put children in cages at the border with his polices. Then blames it on Trump.

    Obama calls Trump a symptom of "misinformation" led by conservative media

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    "Conservative media." He means radio talk shows. None of the M$M markets. Because that is the only place conservatives cannot hear a Bolshevic viewpoint.

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    Yes, because King Obama obviously doesn't spread misinformation and has never once told a lie his entire life.
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    In reality Gore , Kerry , Obama , Clinton , Biden are symptoms of misinformation from communist media

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    Says Obama who is entirely a media creation and still has his Operation Mockingbird media do his bidding, we are living in scary times and these are evil evil people.

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    Obama, who approved using every facet of government to spy on and smear the political opposition. But he is, and has always been, nothing more than a puppet for TPTB. Just like Kamala Harris.
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