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Thread: Meltdown! Pelosi Goes Rabid On Wolf Blitzer!

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    Meltdown! Pelosi Goes Rabid On Wolf Blitzer!

    Meltdown! Pelosi Goes Rabid On Wolf Blitzer!

    Yesterday's appearance of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Wolf Blitzer's CNN news program was one of the most astonishing moments in television news history. What led Pelosi to go completely off the rails at Wolf, accusing him of being a shill for the Republican Party and of not caring about people in need? What's going on here? Also today, Dr. Scott Atlas has stinging words for lockdowners, Houston's mayor again moves the goalposts as the infection rate drops, Bill Gates warns that we cannot be normal again until a "super-vaccine" arrives, and an update on Michigan.

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    She cray cray , no really she's f****** crazy

    why I should worship the state (who apparently is the only party that can possess guns without question).
    The state's only purpose is to kill and control. Why do you worship it? - Sola_Fide

    Baptiste said.
    At which point will Americans realize that creating an unaccountable institution that is able to pass its liability on to tax-payers is immoral and attracts sociopaths?

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    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    "He's talkin' to his gut like it's a person!!" -me
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    He should have also asked how many time the president has contacted her trying to make a deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post

    Part 2:

    She represents them - she knows them.

    What a smarmy old hag...
    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Paul View Post
    The intellectual battle for liberty can appear to be a lonely one at times. However, the numbers are not as important as the principles that we hold. Leonard Read always taught that "it's not a numbers game, but an ideological game." That's why it's important to continue to provide a principled philosophy as to what the role of government ought to be, despite the numbers that stare us in the face.
    Quote Originally Posted by Origanalist View Post
    This intellectually stimulating conversation is the reason I keep coming here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzanimal View Post
    She represents them - she knows them.

    What a smarmy old hag...
    Not only that she Feeds Them!

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    God I wish she would get voted out of office.

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