Things have been relatively quiet in the new crypto space.

Of course part of it is due to the worldwide shutdown of conferences and the lack of travel yet even last year there was a drastic slowdown in how new crypto was being introduced to the world.

For a little history :

ICOs - Initial Coin Offerings - were big a few years ago. Of course a disproportionate number of them were outright scams but it brought us Ethereum, and some very profitable other coin opportunities. There were hundreds of these and they raised billions of dollars.

Then the exchanges got involved and did IEOs - Initial Exchange Offerings - using their weight to help find legitimate companies to weed out the outright scams. This also made the exchanges a lot more money as they were more involved from the start, almost like big banks cashing in on stock IPOs.

STOs, security token offerings, were more stock market style token offerings and never really took off.

We did have a few major upsets that may be to blame on the freeze on new coin offerings. Telegram was ordered to refund 1.2 billion dollars of their ICO. KWIK had to refund tens of millions.

Over the past year, even before COVID, I haven't seen many, even fewer doing more than a few million for a release. Is there a new way to release crypto that I've entirely missed and isn't discussed much? I can't believe valid new uses for crypto have entirely stopped.

As a crypto investor it limits the excitement. As a crypto developer it may limit future projects.