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Thread: Scything questions?

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    Scything questions?

    I saw some youtube videos on scything and it looks to be more effective at cutting taller brome grasses than a weed eater or a mower.

    Has anyone actually used a scythe and become proficient? Another question is in regard to handedness. On a standard scythe your right hand is in front and your left hand is back. This seems wrong to me. I went outside and swung a stick in a scything motion and it felt more comfortable with my right hand back and my left hand in front. So this is left handed scything. I'm right handed by the way, but I bat left in softball and golf left handed.

    In a perfect world I would go to a store and try scything each way if they even hand a left handed scythe. The only place I can find a scythe is online and they are a couple hundred dollars. And of course left handed blades are harder to find.

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    but I can not say proficient..

    I will say it worked well on tall grasses.
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    I looked into those a couple of years ago. I think a good one is pretty expensive and I think they are tailored to your specific size.

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