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Thread: Alexa will ask humans questions using a new 'teachable' AI to help the virtual assist

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    Alexa will ask humans questions using a new 'teachable' AI to help the virtual assist

    Amazon's Alexa will ask humans questions using a new 'teachable' AI to help the virtual assistant improve its conversation skills

    The tech giant is set to add 'teachable' artificial intelligence to the virtual assistant, allowing it to ask questions in order to understand the contextual conversation and learn from its owners.

    During the firm's annual product launch event, Amazon also introduced natural turn taking, which allows users to speak to Alexa with using a wake wording to provide 'more natural and expressive' conversations.

    Rohit Prasad, vice president of Amazon, said: 'You can ask 'Alexa, join my conversation,' and Alexa will join in the conversation to help you and friend decide what pizza to order, or get a movie recommendation for a night at home with your family.'


    'This new capability helps Alexa get smarter by asking questions to fill gaps in her understanding—just like we do as humans.

    Alexa is using machine learning to determine if a user's request is a teachable moment and if it is, the assistant will ask follow up questions to better understand.

    'As an example, when reading the latest best seller, Alexa won't automatically know that my preferred setting is 40% brightness when I ask, 'Alexa, set the light to Rohit's reading mode',' Prasad explained.

    'With interactive teaching, Alexa learns these definitions and associated actions instantaneously, and they are stored only for your account for future use.'

    Amazon is set to roll out these capabilities to its other smart device in the coming months.

    Along with the teachable AI, Alexa will also be equipped with a multi-sensory AI to observe acoustic, linguistic and visual cues to determine if an action is directed at it or a human in the room.

    Using this information, the virtual assistant will then decide how to respond or which action to take
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    Is there a fleshlight version of Alexa to keep her quiet?
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    I'm curious how Alexa would respond if someone were to ask her if taxation is theft.
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