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Thread: Network failure locks out Tesla owners across the US and Europe

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    Exclamation Network failure locks out Tesla owners across the US and Europe

    And this is why you do NOT tie cars to a control grid.

    Tesla drivers are locked out of their cars for more than an hour after Elon Musk's firm is hit with complete network outage and staff are blocked from processing orders - amid fears of possible HACK

    Tesla was been hit by complete network outage starting around 11am ET
    Drivers were able to gain access to their cars after about an hour
    Internal systems were down, making it impossible for staff to process orders
    On the customer side, some users could not connect to their car in the app
    The US and Europe experienced issues with what appears to be the app
    The outage follows Tesla's Battery Day that many investors deemed a failure
    Elon Musk had promised an innovation to cut prices of electric cars
    However, the CEO said it may take another three years before that is possible
    Stocks in Tesla Inc fell more than 10 percent Wednesday

    By Stacy Liberatore For

    Published: 11:42 EDT, 23 September 2020 | Updated: 01:25 EDT, 24 September 2020

    Tesla drivers locked out of their cars after a complete network outage hit its internal service and customer mobile app were able to get back in after about an hour.

    The hitch comes a day after the company lost $50 billion in its market value due to its failed 'Battery Day.'

    The mobile app holds a digital key and and only owners who have a physical version have been able to access and drive their vehicle - leaving those without stranded.
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    Another reason democrats and some on the right side in America and elsewhere shouldn't be pushing hard for "Automated Vehicles" anytime soon. Could you imaingie if the tech dies out or dies out all of a sudden? all of people would be breaking the windows of these vehicles.

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    Many happy returns.
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    Reminds me of this, talk about not planning ahead.

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