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Thread: BLM wants highways torn down

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    Thumbs down BLM wants highways torn down

    Protesters take over the elevated Interstate 10 during a march in New Orleans protesting the death of George Floyd, a Black man who was in police custody in Minneapolis. Advocates are intensifying their calls for city and state governments to remove the highways that destroyed Black neighborhoods.

    Now, as the nation reckons with other racist aspects of its past — with protests, in several prominent instances, on ’60s-era freeways much like the Claiborne — Shelly and other advocates around the country are intensifying their calls for city and state governments to remove the highways that destroyed Black neighborhoods.

    Such teardown projects, once seen as fanciful, have gained momentum as the country’s highway infrastructure ages and early adopters show off their success. Five U.S. cities have either capped freeways or converted them to street-grade boulevards in the past three years, and similar plans are under review in states including Massachusetts, California and Texas.
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    They're just mad because a couple months back BLM protesters were on the highway and two of them got run over. Maybe had they stayed out of the road that wouldn't have happened.
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    Another part of the "progressive" agenda...
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