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Thread: Judge Nap sued for sexual assault

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Collins View Post
    Cite your sources
    There is none- only when he disagrees with Trump.
    There is no spoon.

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    Fox News Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano Accused of Sexual Assault and Attempted Rape in Second Lawsuit

    Sep 28th, 2020

    A second man has come forward to allege that he was sexually assaulted by former judge and current Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano.

    A lawsuit was filed accusing the on-air personality of sexual abuse, sexual assault, assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress in New Jersey state court on Monday morning. Through his attorney, Napolitano strongly disputed the allegations as “total fiction.” The Napolitano attorney called this a “copycat lawsuit” filed for “financial gain.”

    Content warning: In the graphic filing, Napolitano is repeatedly accused of making unwanted sexual advances and lording his status and power over a young waiter in order to extort sexual favors. The filing also accuses the former judge of attempting to rape and sodomize the younger man.

    According to the 18-page complaint obtained by Law&Crime, Napolitano followed James Kruzelnick into the bathroom of a New Jersey restaurant where the latter man worked in December 2014. Kruzelnick claims that he was then groped from behind by Napolitano, who allegedly said: “You are just so hot.”

    The lawsuit documents the aftermath of that alleged incident.

    read more:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krugminator2 View Post
    A lot would hinge on the testimony on the guy's lawyer who is described as Napolitano's friend.

    I could see this being true or having an element of truth. I posted about Judge Nap being gay five years ago (not that it matters). Not sure what the guy is mad about. Looks like he got a super light sentence and had a probation violation which would be consistent with the story.

    Truthfully even if he is guilty, I still think Judge Nap is great . Ron Paul has been involved in a lot of oily stuff. Mark Sanford went hiking on the Appalachian Trail on the taxpayers dime. All that matters are the issues. We will likely never know the truth. These personal things get hyped up too much.
    I don't know if judicial leniency should be based on whether you do favor or yard work for the judge. Why should a judge benefit from a defendant? That seems like an abuse of power to me.

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    Poor Nap.

    He mentioned the five eyes.

    They took him off air next day, took him to a dark room, and threatened to out this.

    Now that the devil is done using him, the contract is over, and they reveal his shame and crimes to the world anyway. He was fooled by his optimisim bias, which is when the captured is nice and congenial with their captor, the more the captor threatens death, the nicer and more compliant the captured is toward the captor.

    In the end, they still just "shoot" him anyway. Mafia style.

    I never had the power to coerce people to mow my lawn and give me bjs, but I doubt I would abuse the power I had. Even so, its hard to say as an individual you would be different when you never came close... ..on the other hand, lawyers turn to be judges, and lawyers have never been great.
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    He must be a threat to someone.
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    "A politician will do almost anything to keep their job, even become a patriot" - Hearst

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    Nope, he is an old used condom. They are done with him. He is character assassinated, legally gagged soon, and facing harsh penalties because he is an officer of the court. He did their bidding, and they, as always, betrayed him in the end. Seal Team 6 can confirm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badnon Wissenshaftler View Post
    I certainly hope this turns out to be a bunch of contrived balderdash. Judge Napolitano is the most libertarian judge I know, though perhaps that is simply because he's outspoken. I always had some fanciful hope that Trump would select him for SCOTUS, but I know that was likely to never happen. Still had some hope of that, however, when in the likely 2nd term of Trump, Ginsburg finally either gives up the post or the ghost.

    It does make me wonder if this is some ploy to silence Napolitano once and for all.


    Love the Judge, he actually deserves to be on the SCOTUS, even though its a fraud.
    "An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government" - Ron Paul.

    "To learn who rules over you simply find out who you arent allowed to criticize."

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    Damn. They got him. Now they’ll use him to taint libertarianism I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Northbreather View Post
    Damn. They got him. Now they’ll use him to taint libertarianism I guess.
    erm, perhaps this leaving congressman would have
    enhanced the taint with an anti-MAGA russian collusion ally among a deficit of remaining allies in the Libertarian Party

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    Quote Originally Posted by eleganz View Post
    Big question is, why are they bringing up this 1988 case, now?

    Does it have to do with the election?
    Is the judge getting close to the center of power?

    In D.C. this stuff doesn't just happen by coincidence.
    Questions that eventually answer themselves.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg/Date of death
    September 18, 2020
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