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Thread: Strict Lockdown Spain Pulls Woman Surfer Out of Water, No-Lockdown Sweden Has Lower Death Rate

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    Strict Lockdown Spain Pulls Woman Surfer Out of Water, No-Lockdown Sweden Has Lower Death Rate

    Who cares if she was "infected"? 99.8% survival rate is same as flu. Do you pull someone from the ocean for having flu? Spanish authorities must know this, as well as recent news that Swedish model worked, no lockdown, normal life, lower death rate than both US and Spain. Therefore, Spain is international trial balloon for naked power grab. With Australia. The facts don't matter. Shut up. We can do it. So we do.

    Check out the moon suit on that cop. This is total mind $#@!ery.

    Would be unfair to say Spaniards are not standing up. See Madrid video below. They need to be at the Parliament every time something like this happens. This is now a raw test of wills.

    US COVID Death Rate Now Higher Than Sweden’s, Country Which Never Locked Down

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    Amazing how easily totalitarianism is enacted. Are bleeding heart leftists more prone to pushing totalitarianism? Seems like it.
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    Reminds me of a picture a few months back of a guy on a boat in the ocean fishing and the police arrested him.
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