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Thread: A Nobel Peace Prize For Trump?

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    A Nobel Peace Prize For Trump?

    A Nobel Peace Prize For Trump?

    A Norwegian lawmaker has nominated President Donald Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work facilitating the recent UAE/Israel agreement. Trump is accused of shooting from the hip - at least verbally - and his presidency is marked by significantly increased military spending. But is there some logic to the nomination? Especially considering the last US president to receive a Nobel Peace Prize?
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    Certainly more deserving of it than Obama. Obama started the Libya, Syria, and Yemen wars and that was AFTER he received the Nobel Peace Prize.
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    About time he gets some kind of medal. If Globalist Neocon Adelson can be given 'Freedom Medal', what is the case for not giving him a Nobel Peace Prize?

    Peace through weapons sales to the UAE

    By Ariel Gold September 9, 2020
    Next week, Donald Trump will host a ceremonial signing of the Israel-United Arab Emirates deal to normalize relations between the two countries. The deal has been condemned by many for failing to secure even a single concession for Palestinians. But shortly after the deal was announced, another downside — and perhaps the U.S.’s primary motivation for pursuing the deal — came sharply into focus: tens of billions of dollars in UAE weapons sales.

    Although have this sinking feeling that he would robbed of this peace award again as happened couple of times before when he was nominated, blocking investigation of alleged war crimes probably would be a major hurdle this time.

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