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Thread: U. of Wisconsin Students Call for the Removal of ‘Racist’ Boulder

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    U. of Wisconsin Students Call for the Removal of ‘Racist’ Boulder

    U. of Wisconsin Students Call for the Removal of ‘Racist’ Boulder

    Sep 2020

    Students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, are calling for the removal of a 70-ton landmark boulder on campus because it had a racist nickname in the early 20th century.

    According to a report by the College Fix, student activists at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, are calling for the removal of a boulder, formally known as the “Chamberlin Rock,” over concerns about a nickname that was once used to describe it in the 1920s. In at least one historical document from that time, the boulder was referred to as a “n*ggerhead rock,” which according to, was “a commonly used expression at the time to describe any large dark rock.”

    Student activists pointed out this summer that some had used a racial slur when describing the rock in the early 20th century. Although the nickname seemingly hasn’t been used in almost a century, students are still calling for its removal.

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    Boulder's are inanimate objects. It's impossible for them to be racist.
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    I also read of a movement to stop putting those large Brazilian nuts in mixed nuts cans...
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    Obviously, the next thing to go is "My Old Kentucky Home", the Stephen Foster tune that is Kentucky's state song and that is played and sung before the Kentucky Derby. It's clearly racist since the original second line is "'Tis summer, the darkies are gay", despite the fact that the line was officially changed by the Kentucky legislature in 1986 to "'Tis summer, the people are gay".

    After all, once something is racist, it's always racist even though it's been changed and even though people who are oblivious to its past have to be reminded of it.
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