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That is VERY wrong. You really shouldn't post stuff you don't know about. There were about 80 or so tiki torch $#@!s, they had their own space. There were hundreds of people on the right protesting the statue removal, they were in a different area. The police were protecting the nazi area and told other people not to go down to the nazi rally... the nazi rally was not advertised as such, it was advertised as a "Unite the Right" rally. Most of the statue people were there because they heard about it on the news, anyway.

So no, the statue people did not "march alongside" the nazis, they didn't know nazis were even going to be there.

Trump condemned in no uncertain terms the nazis and white supremacists, he condemned them TOTALLY.

Stop promoting the "fine people" hoax, it is literally the dumbest thing in the entire world. All you have to do is read the transcript.
Stop lying about what I'm saying. And the "Unite the right" rally wasn't just Neo Nazis. I remember Alex Jones promoting it before it happened. Alt-right wasn't considered neo-nazi...until it was. And I have read the transcript multiple times. Trump said there were fine people on both sides. Okay. That's his choice to do that. Some of the people who protest under the BLM banner have NEVER been with any of the violent antifa types and yet people here brush them all with the same brush. There's a word for that. It's called hypocrisy.