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Thread: Alleged Israeli spy Epstein had 'spoken to the Saudis' about investing in Elon Musk's Tesla

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    Post Alleged Israeli spy Epstein had 'spoken to the Saudis' about investing in Elon Musk's Tesla

    Off and on there has been buzz on social media about government/Saudi funnding reports relating to Musk's companies while GOP-Adelson led administration was in WH but media reported connections to controversial Israeli spies Epstein and Maxwell appear to be weak:

    Sun: Epstein and Maxwell were Israeli spies
    Russia, Israel and Saudi Arabia: Jeffrey Epstein ‘Found a Niche — Blackmailing American and Other Political Figures’ For Foreign Powers, According to His Ex-Spy Handler

    The Day Jeffrey Epstein Told Me He Had Dirt on Powerful People

    I’d never met Mr. Epstein before. I had contacted him because my colleagues and I had heard a rumor that he was advising Tesla’s embattled chief executive, Elon Musk, who was in trouble after announcing on Twitter that he had lined up the funding to take Tesla private.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission began an investigation into Mr. Musk’s remarks, which moved markets but didn’t appear to have much basis in fact. There were calls for Mr. Musk to relinquish his position as Tesla’s chairman and for Tesla to recruit more independent directors. I’d heard that Mr. Epstein was compiling a list of candidates at Mr. Musk’s behest — and that Mr. Epstein had an email from Mr. Musk authorizing the search for a new chairman.

    Mr. Epstein then meandered into a discussion of other prominent names in technology circles. He said people in Silicon Valley had a reputation for being geeky workaholics, but that was far from the truth: They were hedonistic and regular users of recreational drugs. He said he’d witnessed prominent tech figures taking drugs and arranging for sex (Mr. Epstein stressed that he never drank or used drugs of any kind).

    I kept trying to steer the conversation back to Tesla, but Mr. Epstein remained evasive. He said he’d spoken to the Saudis about possibly investing in Tesla, but he wouldn’t provide any specifics or names. When I pressed him on the purported email from Mr. Musk, he said the email wasn’t from Mr. Musk himself, but from someone very close to him. He wouldn’t say who that person was. I asked him if that person would talk to me, and he said he’d ask. He later said the person declined; I doubt he asked.

    When I later reflected on our interview, I was struck by how little information Mr. Epstein had actually provided. While I can’t say anything he said was an explicit lie, much of what he said was vague or speculative and couldn’t be proved or disproved. He did have at least some ties to Mr. Musk — a widely circulated photo shows Mr. Musk with Ghislaine Maxwell, Mr. Epstein’s confidante and former companion, at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars party.

    SpaceX and ULA win billions in Pentagon rocket contracts, beating out Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman

    Fri, Aug 7 2020
    The awards represent the second phase of the military’s National Security Space Launch program, which is organized by the Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center in Los Angeles, California. Four companies — Elon Musk’s SpaceX...

    Mar 21, 2018 - Musk met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his private residence

    SpaceX Moon Contract Could Be Worth $7 Billion -- Or Nothing

    How much is a contract to deliver supplies to an imaginary space station worth?

    May 3, 2020
    NASA's award of $1 billion in contracts to Blue Origin, Dynetics, and SpaceX to build landers to carry astronauts back to the moon is dominating headlines this week -- and don't get me wrong, this is a really big deal. But it pales in comparison to another NASA contract that SpaceX won just a little over a month ago.

    That contract, to provide logistics services to a planned Lunar Gateway space station orbiting the moon, could be worth as much as $7 billion -- and SpaceX might not have to share it with anyone.


    Jeffery Epstein suicided in jail last night

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    In unrelated news, top of Drudge now:

    TESLA goes down in massive network outage...

    Stock plunge...

    Fears of major hack...

    Tesla drivers are locked out of their cars after Elon Musk's firm is hit with complete network outage and staff are blocked from processing orders - amid fears of possible HACK

    • Tesla has been hit by complete network outage starting around 11am ET
    • Internal systems are down, making it impossible for staff to process orders
    • On the customer side, some users cannot connect to their car in the app
    • The US and Europe are experiencing issues with what appears to be the app
    • The outage follows Tesla's Battery Day that many investors deemed a failure
    • Elon Musk had promised an innovation to cut prices of electric cars
    • However, the CEO said it may take another three years before that is possible
    • Stocks in Tesla Inc fell more than seven percent as markets opened Wednesday

    By Stacy Liberatore For
    Published: 11:42 EDT, 23 September 202

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    Saudis appear to have gone a different direction (or in addition to) and are now 70% owner of Tesla competitor Lucid Motors. Makes sense that as the petrodollar dies and some big Saudi oil customers go to electric cars, the Saudis would just redirect cash into electric cars for the electric car markets. They haven't been shy about embracing Agenda 2030 and even have their own customized version called Vision 2030.
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    Yea the Saudis invested in a competitor 'Lucid', they've been talking about/building a massive manufacturing plant outside Casa Grande,AZ for a few years now.

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