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Thread: Rand Paul: Republicans should apologize to Obama for complaining about spending

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    Exclamation Rand Paul: Republicans should apologize to Obama for complaining about spending

    There is someone in DC who sees the glaring hypocrisy of current GOP (or rather GOP-Progressive Socialist wing):

    Rand Paul: Republicans should apologize to Obama for complaining about spending

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tore into his fellow Republicans on Fox News Wednesday for considering a coronavirus relief package that could cost more than $1 trillion, calling on them to apologize to President Obama "for complaining that he was spending and borrowing too much" during his time in office.

    Why it matters: Paul's comments, while tongue-in-cheek, underscore the divisions within the Senate Republican conference, where as many as 20 GOP senators are likely to vote against any coronavirus relief bill — even if a deal is reached between Democrats and Trump administration.

    The state of play: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that she's willing to settle for a price tag of $3.4 trillion, which is the cost of the relief package that House Democrats passed in May. White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Wednesday that he's "extremely doubtful" the two sides will reach a deal if negotiations continue past Friday.

    What they're saying: "Republicans and Democrats compromise every day of the year to spend money we don't have. We were already running a trillion dollars short just with our normal budgetary expenses for the year. We added $3 trillion, now they're talking about another $1-$2 trillion. We're going to borrow another $5 trillion in five months," Paul told Fox News.

    • "They might lose this election because they are acting like Democrats now. I am very upset with my colleagues. They went 8 years. They should apologize now to President Obama for complaining he was spending and borrowing too much. He was a piker compared to their borrowing and what they're doing now."


    $26 Trillion: FITCH lowers US credit rating to 'negative' after debt pileup...

    2012: Tea Party Led Anti-Debt Protest

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    I hope to GOD senators like Rand Paul can kill this. We dont need another damn stimulus.

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    Just like the Reagan Republicans complained about Carters spending and then tripled the debt in 8 years time.

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    Another big play thanks to big-gummit big-spender progressive socialism synergy between former democrats led (and currently improperly labeled) GOPA wing and Democrats.

    Federal Spending Tops $6 Trillion for First Time; Deficit Tops $3 Trillion for First Time

    By Terence P. Jeffrey | September 11, 2020

    (Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)
    ( - Federal spending has topped $6 trillion for the first time in any fiscal year in the nation’s history and the federal deficit has topped $3 trillion for the first time, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement for August that was released today.
    There is still another month left in fiscal 2020, which runs through the end of September.

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