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A self-published historical novel called Dawn of Betrayal
Post by MaxGrant » Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:38 pm
What do you call it when a core of immigrants, mostly Russian and Eastern European ne’er-do-wells, infiltrate our country during the migrant boom years following WW I and seek to transform it into the type of socialist totalitarian hell-hole they left ? What do you call it when home-grown Americans over succeeding generations embrace and promote this anti-human ideology? Some rightly call it Subversion, Sedition or Treason, but I call it Betrayal. Betrayal of their countrymen, indeed all of humanity.
Seeds sown in the ‘20s and ‘30s blossomed into sleeper cells, spy rings, bought poltroons, termite-ridden bureaucracies, legions of useful idiots, subversion on behalf of Red China, and actual ascendance to power: the travesty of the Clinton co-presidency, the Bush deceptions, and, most damaging, the recent Obamanation. Ronald Reagan was right when he stated that the USA is the last best hope for freedom on Earth, and for that primarily it has been under constant and increasing effective attack by enemies foreign and domestic.
Dawn of Betrayal, a short work of historical fiction, is a look back – and forward – at the origins and effects of the Communist conspiracy in America. A synopsis can be found at the web page:
My author’s page also features a very short story based on personal observations of human trafficking, “Justice by Moonlight,” which can be found here:
Also found there are three brief paragraphs regarding some obscure pre-Cold War items that I learned of during my research for the novel.
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