Thanks to our wonderful media and watchdogs that keep both eyes closed, this is another exclusive story.
I couldn’t find a single story on the internet on this blatant act of censorship that obscures the results of the “going direct” plan in the next “crisis” that was authored by BlackRock in August 2019.

On 26 July, I searched in vain for current information on the major shareholders in BlackRock and PNC Financial Services.
To my shock this information has been (almost) completely censored since 30 March 2020 (for all American corporations!):

Since December 2017, I have repeatedly looked at the major shareholders in some of the biggest corporation in the USA. So I know that “normally” this information is available every day.

CNN does have some more recent information on “institutional activity” (30 June seems to be the cut off date for that).
Obviously this isn’t current (while CNN doesn’t even list the date of the information!) as PNC Bank is still listed as the biggest shareholder in BlackRock with 22% (that sold most of its stake in May):