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Thread: When Will Covid Tyranny End? W.H.O. Director: 'Never!' Unless...

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    When Will Covid Tyranny End? W.H.O. Director: 'Never!' Unless...

    When Will Covid Tyranny End? W.H.O. Director: 'Never!' Unless...

    The director of the World Health Organization has warned that we can never go back to normal after the coronavirus outbreak that has killed approximately 650,000 worldwide. But every year the normal flu kills about that why the lockdowns and forced masks and destruction of the economy for this one? What is the real agenda behind this mass hysteria? Also today - as the Sun Belt "spike" continues to fade, what will be the next tyrant move to terrify - and terrorize - the population? And finally, Cuomo's attack on chicken wings.
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    co tyranny will end when other govt programs like food stamps end .

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    It's honestly hard to say. I'm fully expecting this nonsense to be over after the election regardless of who wins. I can see a scenario where if Biden wins the election and gives his speech, he'll say that he recently got off the phone with Fauci and he'll say Fauci told him people no longer have to wear masks. Then again, as long as Trump remains president, the Left will probably continue barraging us with endless pandemics and riots.
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