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Thread: Rand calls to impeach Cuomo

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    Rand calls to impeach Cuomo

    NY would be better for it.

    Rand Paul calls for Cuomo to be impeached over coronavirus response

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) called Wednesday for the impeachment of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) over his handling of the state's coronavirus outbreak, saying, "the people we are lauding are actually making catastrophic decisions."

    "New York had a lockdown and had 30,000 people die. New York had the worst death rate of any place in the world amidst a lockdown. So, perhaps a lockdown didn't do any good, and perhaps a lockdown killed our economy but didn't do anything to stem the tide of a virus."

    The Hill has reached out to Cuomo's office for comment.

    Paul, a physician, said he thinks pandemic lockdowns "killed the economy but didn't do any good for trying to contain the virus."
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    The NY times is saying that the N.E. has gotten it all together and have the model on how to handle Teh CoVId.
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    They are coming home, all the naysayers said they would never leave Syria and then they said they were going to stay in Iraq forever..... just like Trump said.

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    Trump had to donate the "right way" and hang out with the "right people" in order to do business in NYC and Hollyweird and in order to investigate and expose them.
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    Rand is right!

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