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Thread: Rand Paul: It's Time To Demilitarize the Police

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    Rand Paul: It's Time To Demilitarize the Police

    Rand Paul: It's Time To Demilitarize the Police
    The line between peace officer and soldier of war has become far too blurry.


    In a free society, citizens should be able to easily distinguish between civilian law enforcement tasked with keeping the peace in our communities and the armed forces tasked with protecting our country from foreign adversaries.

    Unfortunately, thanks to the federal government flooding our neighborhoods with billions of dollars of military equipment and property over the years, the line between peace officer and soldier of war has become increasingly blurry.

    Police officers have an incredibly difficult and often thankless job where they lay their lives on the line every day. Without the rule of law, a civilized society cannot exist, and our officers deserve our gratitude. The horrific actions of a few bad actors should not erase all the good done by the vast majority of these brave and hardworking men and women.

    But as the federal government has enabled our local police to become more and more militarized, it has placed them in greater danger by eroding the community trust crucial to doing their jobs well.

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    I remember when Rand was trying to stop the legislation permitting this and all the dems voted for it, because it meant more free stuff.

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    Rand's latest tweets...
    11:43 AM · Jul 22, 2020·
    Prescient words from my dad @RonPaul when Congress created DHS in 2002:

    "The Homeland Security department, like all federal agencies, will increase in size exponentially over the coming decades. Its budget, number of employees, and the scope of its mission will EXPAND.
    Congress has no idea what it will have created twenty or fifty years hence, when less popular presidents have the full power of a domestic spying agency at their disposal.
    The frightening details of the Homeland Security bill, which authorizes an unprecedented level of warrant less spying on American citizens, are still emerging. Those who still care about the Bill of Rights, particularly the 4th amendment, have every reason to be alarmed."
    If only we had listened then!
    Sending federal troops to try to quell violence in our cities, allows the Democrats who are allowing this mayhem to shift the blame game to the President.
    Better to remind everyone in Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis that your cities are burning under the terrible 50 year rule of Democrats!

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