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Thread: The governor of new york Cuomo Blames Euporean Travelers for Covid and Attacks Trump Posters

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    Exclamation The governor of new york Cuomo Blames Euporean Travelers for Covid and Attacks Trump Posters

    Governor of new York Cuomo Blames Euporean Travelers for Covid and Attacks Trump for Covid in Press Conf Posters. Once Again democarts arent blaming the Chinese travelers for the virus but rather Euporean travelers for the covid in a poster which was featured at a press conf, doubting the event as "New York Leads Again"

    Once again the democrats Cuomo are defending the Chinese gov and some of its travelers but instead they point the blame for coivd on Europeans for bringing the coivd to New York and attack Trump for calling it just the flu.

    In the poster you will see the plane citing "Euporeans brought covid to America,3 million." never does he blame Chinese gov for allowing it to spread is this how democarts in America plan on leading?

    Blaming the Europeans for covid? but not china? why? why isnt Cuomo showing the data from how many Chinese travelers came back to new york from their holiday travel to China?

    Then again we have a mayor of NYC who now says rioting and protesting is more important then reopening fairs, parks or jobs.Thats right their slogan is also.

    Forget Politics America Wake up we democrats are the real leadership!

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    Last time i checked it wasn't Europeans that brought or released the virus.
    If i also remember around Jan and feb pretty sure the democarts in new york were screaming how racist Trump was for shutting down the flight travels from China. It seems now another illness happened in China this time a bubonic plague

    Would the democrats under Joe Biden prefer to reopen the flights from China to America alone to bring the bubonic plague?

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    Cuomo will always blame others when he needs to be putting the blame on himself.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    I wish he would finally pick one. This bouncing back and forth is kind of ridiculous.

    ďIím a doctor. Thatís a baby.Ē~~~Dr. Manny Sethi

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