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Thread: Trump To Sign Executive Order Giving DACA's 'Road To Citizenship', Amnesty

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    Quote Originally Posted by 69360 View Post
    You do realize that the ones affected by DACA were brought here by their parents as children? They did nothing wrong and you want to punish them?

    I don't support any welfare for immigrants, legal or illegal.

    If these people all became legal and started paying taxes, they would support all those programs. There is nothing wrong with knowing Spanish. I can understand basic conversations.
    As long as there is a government controlled artificially limited amount of teachers and doctors and drugs and nurses its going to diminish the quality of life and people are going to be underserved. Its like having a good fishing spot. If too many people come and fish there there will be no more fish. Its the tragedy of the commons. This is causing many Americans to feel displaced and commit suicide or go on drugs to treat their grief. This is causing people like @PAF to want to leave their country. I shouldnt have to learn another language because a bunch of people decide to move to my country and not learn the language. You literally cant do that in any other country.

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    Literally the main reason why big business wants unlimited immigration and H1B Visas is to depress wages. Its shrunk the middle class and blue collar jobs wages have depressed for years. They even get tax breaks for hiring two people for 12 dollars an hour instead of one person for 24 dollars an hour for a lot of times the same amount of work. The quality of the work is usually diminished as well.

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    Costing too much is only one of many reason I want to leave.

    1. I am an individual, who owes no allegiance to any group or government.

    2. Costly, yes, because unions. I understand the want/need for unions, but a couple of things come to mind: the business owner should decide who and how much to pay, and what benefits to offer. Unions take dues whether you want to be a member or not. This battle is between the business owner and the unions so I will not meddle.

    3. Costly, yes, because red-tape, permits, licenses which amount to government extortion.

    4. This country is Fascist. There are ways to avoid that and I do a pretty good job of living under the radar, but there are still things that I do and would like to do and cannot skirt the system.

    5. I have seen this country east to west, north to south and everything in-between. I have traveled outside of the country as well, and have met very wonderful people.

    6. It is easier for me to live off-the-grid abroad, at least at the moment. I value the right to travel freely, not only for myself but others too. "Illegal" this, document that, papers please, green cards, work Visa's - all to FUND THE FED, which they have absolutely NO natural right to do unless a crime has been committed against person or property.

    The simple solution to all of this is to get .Gov out of the affairs of business and individual person, and let the free market work it all out.

    As for Trump tinkering with Executive Orders, DACA, etc., it is all hog-wash. Again, it is a way to Fund the Fed, restrict more of our freedoms, and meddle into the affairs of private business and people. Private Contract Rights, Private Property Rights, all by the way-side. Isn't it bad enough that Fascism has taken strong root over our healthcare, all because of
    “The right to life is the source of all rights—and the right to property is their only implementation. Without property rights, no other rights are possible. Since man has to sustain his life by his own effort, the man who has no right to the product of his effort has no means to sustain his life. The man who produces while others dispose of his product, is a slave.”

    An Agorist Primer

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    Quote Originally Posted by olehounddog View Post
    You don't want immigrants to gain the right to vote when they become citizens? Wow that is a first on here.

    That's the price for not following the already set path to citizenship.
    I don't think any immigrants should get the right to vote, they shouldn't be able to come here and change us.
    I think you should have to have at least one parent who was born here to be able to vote.
    Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

    Robert Heinlein

    Give a man an inch and right away he thinks he's a ruler

    Groucho Marx

    I love mankind…it’s people I can’t stand.

    Linus, from the Peanuts comic

    You cannot have liberty without morality and morality without faith

    Alexis de Torqueville

    Those who fail to learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.
    Those who learn from the past are condemned to watch everybody else repeat it

    A Zero Hedge comment

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