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Thread: An Army of the Super-Woke

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    Quote Originally Posted by idiom View Post
    What does this even mean? Theres a bunch of very non-liberty $#@! baked into the current set-up of the country. It can be fixed.

    Do you not want to fix it because America would be less American if there was more liberty and justice for all?

    The only reason the woke get any traction at all is because there is a lot of very real injustice happening, and people like libertarians have decided to categorically ignore it. Until we fix that the wokes are going to have legit gripes with which to undermine civilization.

    As @emazur pointed out, to defeat them you have to displace the woke solutions with real solutions, not pretend there is no problem.
    You both hit the nail on the head here. We have fixed injustices in the past and continue to work towards a better society. No need to burn it all down.

    Since their premise is anti-liberal, I think it's also important to draw that premise out to to its logical conclusion before any real discussion can be had and make sure that they agree with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunkBuddha View Post
    I've been listening to James Lindsey, trying to rhetorically understand how to counter Woke ideology. While I think his methods can effectively counter wokeness, wouldn't it be more fun to troll the $#@! out of them by learning their tactics and taking their ideology to its logical extremes in the workplace?

    Imagine a boss trying to explain to HR that an employee won't show up to meetings because meetings, agendas and even time itself are the master's tools of oppression. Or just using the power dynamic to upset every interaction.

    Honestly though, I like my boss and wouldn't do that to him. But if I didn't like him, I'd have some f%÷!ing fun.
    I hadn't heard of James Lindsay but I like where your head is at. What's a good video of him for me to start with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BortSimpson View Post
    I hadn't heard of James Lindsay but I like where your head is at. What's a good video of him for me to start with?
    After the Joe Rogan podcast, these were the three that really opened my eyes to how these people think.

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    Trying to be woker than the progressives and sharing their ideas on a public forum is exactly what they want you to do. It amplifies their ideas as being more rational and makes it seem normal to people who read it.

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