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Thread: UN 75 Survey

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    UN 75 Survey

    Surveys suck, I agree. But, at least there is "other" section where you can submit your idea for what its worth.

    My responses:

    1) Open all economies and give people the choice to wear PPE or not. Currently, I choose to wear protection from STD's this Covid-19 should be treated the same.

    2) More individual freedom for people, less government regulation on the lives of people worldwide. Abolishment of useless government agencies. The right of people to secede from host nations and governments for their own self-determination.

    3) Over reaching government directives that serve government organizations instead of individuals.

    4) Very Important (for better foreign relations/policy & diplomacy)

    5) No – it has not changed my views

    6) 2045 - Worse.

    7) Promote more national sovereignty of nations and the rights of the citizens therein.

    Overall results:
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    We have to prevent the 2030 UN sustainable that is quite one dictatorship agenda. While pretending to give a "Happy Future"

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