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Thread: If You Cancel 4th of July Plans To Obey Govt, Then You’re Missing The Point of The 4th

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    If You Cancel 4th of July Plans To Obey Govt, Then You’re Missing The Point of The 4th

    Note: Title altered due to length

    If you cancel your 4th of July plans because the government forces you to, then you’re missing the whole point of Independence Day

    (Natural News) The 8 year United States War of Independence, better known as the Revolutionary War, was in the making for ten years in response to the British asserting more and more control over colonial affairs, including the Intolerable Acts. The British crown sent in a military-style government to command British troops, about 4,000 men, to quash the colonists into obedience. All 13 colonies banded together to fight the tyrannical Crown “police state.”

    After the French and Indian War, Parliament tried to recoup some of their debt and imposed the Stamp Act and the Townshend Act, taxing a wide range of transactions, overriding the colonies’ own government. That meant the colonists were buying their goods from the Brits and paying them taxes on those supplies as well.

    Then came the Coercive Acts of 1774, following the Boston Tea Party. The Crown of England decided the “rebellious colonists” must be tamed, so they closed Boston Harbor until the colonists paid for the tea they destroyed and replaced important government seats on the elected colony council with British-appointed thugs, who made town meetings illegal without British approval. It also made British officials in the colonies have immunity to any capital offenses.

    Last came the Quartering Act, that put British troops in unoccupied houses and buildings, which meant a permanent military occupation of towns, and the colonists had to foot the bill for British troops’ housing and food. That grievance was even cited in the Declaration of Independence.

    You will notice many parallels to how U.S. Democrat state governors are today, during coronavirus lockdowns, small businesses shuttered or limited, churches and temples are restricted from prayer meetings.

    The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is NULL & VOID as far as Democrat Governors and Mayors are concerned, but only when it comes to Conservatives

    The ever-brilliant Republican James Daniel Jordan (Jim Jordan), U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district since 2007, points out numerous ways the Democrats in charge of state and local governments are acting like the British did leading up to the Revolutionary War, imposing intolerable rules and laws to cripple life, liberty and independent businesses. If the intolerable lockdowns continue with “new” coronavirus outbreaks and new strains of the virus, will the “colonies” (republicans and conservatives) rise up and revolt? Ask yourself some questions and decide if the Democrat “Crowns” are racist, bigoted, imperial dictators that need to be ousted from office.

    What’s more important, church or protests?

    What’s more important, going to a funeral or protesting?

    What’s more important, running your business to pay you bills or protesting?

    What’s more important, knarking on your neighbors for playing ball at the park, or having the police stop rioters from looting, setting fires, raping and murdering innocents at their “protests?”

    What’s more important, making people at temples, churches and business meetings wear masks and stay 10 feet apart from each other, or sending Covid-infected elderly folks back into nursing homes to spread the deadly virus?

    Democrat governors and mayors are shutting off utilities of small businesses that defy orders, but every large corporation is allowed to function all hours with no restrictions.

    Democrat politicians enforce rules on everyone that they themselves don’t even obey

    Watch the short video excerpt below, where Representative Jim Jordan exposes all of the Democrat political and tyrannical hypocrisy being imposed on Americans today.

    So head on out for July 4th, and celebrate independence from dictators and liars and hypocrites that try to take away your Constitutional liberties. Make a fake protest sign that says “liberty” or “freedom” and bring that in case the Democrat naysayers try to tell you that you’re breaking their senseless rules and laws that are meant to destroy your life.

    Full article and video at link at top.
    1776 > 1984

    The FAILURE of the United States Government to operate and maintain an
    Honest Money System , which frees the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, is the single largest contributing factor to the World's current Economic Crisis.

    The Elimination of Privacy is the Architecture of Genocide

    Belief, Money, and Violence are the three ways all people are controlled

    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Our central bank is not privately owned.

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    4th of July?

    What's left to celebrate?

    "Government ... does not exist of necessity, but rather by virtue of a tragic, almost comical combination of klutzy, opportunistic terrorism against sitting ducks whom it pretends to shelter, plus our childish phobia of responsibility, praying to be exempted from the hard reality of life on life's terms." Wolf DeVoon

    "...Make America Great Again. I'm interested in making American FREE again. Then the greatness will come automatically."Ron Paul

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    Freedom & Independence should always be celebrated...but it needs to be fought for now more than ever

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