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Thread: Independence Day Under Dictatorship

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    Independence Day Under Dictatorship

    Independence Day Under Dictatorship

    This July 4th, much of the United States finds itself under various levels of dictatorial orders from renegade governors, county, and local officials. The US is under rule by decree, not by rule of law. Looking at the original list of grievances the Colonists had against King George, it looks like most of them are met - and then some - by our current system of government. Can we regain our independence?
    "Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country, and giving it to the rich people of a poor country." - Ron Paul
    "Beware the Military-Industrial-Financial-Corporate-Internet-Media-Government Complex." - B4L update of General Dwight D. Eisenhower
    "Debt is the drug, Wall St. Banksters are the dealers, and politicians are the addicts." - B4L
    "Totally free immigration? I've never taken that position. I believe in national sovereignty." - Ron Paul
    They are what they hate.” - B4L

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    The people harassing others for not wearing a mask because its their job are just as bad as the cops who killed Eric Garner for selling a loose cigarette because its their job. How the hell can a governor shut down the city for a cold virus now that we have treatments for it. They tried to stop treatments for it from becoming available. This isnt America anymore what should we call it? Bizzaro America? AntiAmerica? Communist America? Ill probably get thrown out of a helicopter for speaking out against this but i dont want to live in this hell America if thats the case. Heil Amerika can $#@!ing die like Nazi Germany and soviet russia.

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    Thus far, this latest abasement to which we have been subjected has predictably been met with nothing better than complaint.

    I'd find it amusing, were it not so sad. Once again I am left wondering whether there is any abuse to which we will not approve in full. With each new episode I find myself wondering less and less.

    But what I wonder more and more is what I would do, were I residing once again in OR or WA. I suspect I'd be in jail... At least, I hope so... not that that would do any good for anyone other than my ego, and that's not much good at all.
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    Freedom will be stolen from you in a heartbeat if you do not behave as a wild and ravening beast pursuant to its protection.

    "Government" is naught but a mental construct, a script to which people meekly accept and play out their assigned roles by those with no authority to dictate such.

    Pray for reset.

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    I have yet to see an anti-mask protestor also fight other standard store rules and take off their shirt and their shoes and demand service.
    “…let us teach them that all who draw breath are of equal worth, and that those who seek to press heel upon the throat of liberty, will fall to the cry of FREEDOM!!!” – Spartacus, War of the Damned

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    Quote Originally Posted by kpitcher View Post
    I have yet to see an anti-mask protestor also fight other standard store rules and take off their shirt and their shoes and demand service.
    The preferred nomenclature is anti facepants. The mall is even selling masks made from the same material as yoga pants.

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