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Thread: President Trump wants your next stimulus check to be bigger than last time

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    Quote Originally Posted by trey4sports View Post
    Wonderful - more debt!
    GOPA funded leadership will probably fix that soon through 3D MAGAnomics.

    H/T Rev 3.0:

    Quote Originally Posted by r3volution 3.0 View Post
    [April 2, 2016] Donald Trump insists he would be able to wipe out the United States’s debt in eight years.
    Don't think conservative wing of his supporters would stand for 'fool me 6.0'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamianTV View Post
    I think a really big part millennials embraced communism is because China and communists in general have infiltrated and effectively replaced any large sources of information about the fundamentals of Liberty and Freedom. Their aim seems to have started in HR Departments so they selectively and knowingly hire teachers that support Communism. They have completely done that with the MSM buy funding and buying out large chunks of our companies.

    I believe the result of their replacement of Liberty with Communism is that Millennials have been tricked into supporting Communism because they have not been taught where Communism fails, or its dangers.

    - Schools
    - Movies and TV Shows
    - Social Media
    - News Outlets

    The Millennials have been brainwashed. And our Public Education is just as guilty of acts of Treason and Sedition as the MSM and CIA. They have been fully infiltrated and now replace Liberty and Rights with the religion of worshiping Communism.

    Once that happens, they work with other Known Communists to attack the thing they have been taught to hate: those that are not just like them. Thus, moderators and heads of large social media sites like Reddit dont just call 911, they call Known Communist Law Enforcement. Then those same Communist Law Enforcement (also need to point out its not ALL Cops, many are not, not yet anyway) talk to Known Communist Judges. The goal they have is not to go after you, but everyone who watches what happens to you. If Freedom Lovers that do not have strong social support from their peers and family see something horrible happen to you, they break and become fearful of speaking out against Communism.
    Yes my nightmares are all centered around what happens when all of the older people are gone and millennials are the largest electorate. Most millennials werent taught the failures of socialism and communism. How do you stop a crazy train?

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterx View Post
    I don't care, we have bigger problems than the debt. If Democrats get control the first and second amendments are gone. Give everyone ten grand, whatever it takes to win.

    If Dems got control, so called '1st amend champions' like Julian Assange and Snowden could remain in current freedom state for a longtime.

    But realistically, GOP sort of signaled end of its political future with biggest blunder in US history (Iraqi Freedom) on Oct 2, 2002. Extreme demoralization of Bush-Cheny conservatives toawrds the end of Bush 2nd term set the stage for non-stop reign of liberal progressive Dems for a very long time ahead. Through Obama/Trump elections, Dems and Dems-lite (socialist RINOs etc) took turns at power and same seems to be future for coming centuries.
    On top of blunderous Bush-Cheney Republicans decisions, in two years majority of US adult demographics would be traditional Dems constituencies (non-white adults in majority) also going by 2020 data just posted in other DACA/polling discussion. Unless there is some miraculous change, GOP of yester years might never be back in power .. or at least in foreseeable centuries ahead.
    Ironically, big gov debt welfare spenidng like being discussed above is likely to accelerate demograhic shifts that tend to favor progressive socialist Dems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikcers View Post
    Yes my nightmares are all centered around what happens when all of the older people are gone and millennials are the largest electorate. Most millennials werent taught the failures of socialism and communism. How do you stop a crazy train?
    I think we have to do the OPPOSITE of the way they work.

    They operate by FEAR. Obey us or there will be consequences. That is FEAR. And FEAR is VIRAL.

    The opposite of FEAR is HOPE. I do not believe we will win the war for the minds of our young by trying to tell them to "be afraid of Communism". That is fighting fire with fire. Instead, I think we have to INSPIRE HOPE, that FREEDOM is a far better choice because of its successes when done correctly. In a Free Country, a person that is unhappy with their situation is FREE to quit a $#@!ty job because there are other employers that are willing to pay better and overall happier. People are more free if they want to open their own business. Many Licenses for Business Licenses are in place for no other reason than to prohibit competition. If a person can compete with another company, then the quality of the products and services increases, and the overall happiness of the employees also increases. When there is no other choice but to work at either WalMarx or Amazon, there is no choice to escape slavery.

    There are some "tricks" to winning argument.

    A lot of what is happening is based on Psychology. People hold on to ideas with emotional attachments. Those ideas are typically learned at early ages. Imagine it this way. Tell a 5 year old that Santa Claus exists, and they will believe you. Why? At that age, they have practically zero real world experience upon which to base a logical argument against the existence of Santa Claus. There is also evidence that Santa Claus exists because the child wakes up on Christmas Morning to find presents to them under a tree addressed to them "from Santa". The lack of ability of the child to defend themselves against false ideas (like Santa) causes them to accept the false idea. Then they continue to hold on to the idea pretty much for the rest of their lives UNLESS the very people that told them that "Santa is real" own up to that lie and finally tell them that "Santa is not real". It is the same thing with Communism / Socialism / Tyranny. When children (Millennials) are exposed to the thing the owners of this country want them to support, they are told GOOD THINGS about Communism, but never the BAD. That is why we have to do the opposite, and express the GOOD OF LIBERTY, and not the BAD OF COMMUNISM. Present them with the information and allow them the Freedom to draw their own conclusions.

    But, it takes a LOT to even get to that point. Since we hold on to many ideas with emotional attachment, you will literally need to explain this to them first, and this is highly important as it disables the Pavlovian Rejection of Freedom that is mandatory in Public Education. There can only be three mental states when being exposed to a new idea: REJECT, ENTERTAIN, ACCEPT. In school, children are taught to OBEY. Accept ideas they are told to accept, and reject ideas they are told to reject. Reject is very important because the idea is quickly forgotten. Short Term Memory vs Long Term Memory. If the mind analyzes an idea and it is "known to be false" they reject and forget the idea, and it never makes it to Long Term Memory. Literally explaining the idea of REJECT, ENTERTAIN, ACCEPT to a person prevents them from going immediately into REJECT mode.

    Once they understand HOW to think, next step is to ask them to NOT ACCEPT your idea, or any idea that supports our fundamentals UNLESS they examine the idea in detail and consider the possibility that the new idea could be a better idea than the idea they hold on to.


    Allow them the choice for themselves. That is a major mistake that many people who do support freedom make. If you would like an example of this, take a look at Religion. Not so much Religion itself, but the way that it is expressed to other people. If a person tries to force a Muslim religion on you, even if it is expressed as a "Religion of Peace", the idea of the Muslim religion is rejected because it is being Forced upon the recipient, which is the exact opposite of what the religion is supposed to be about. It creates a self-conflict, thus, the idea is rejected. Same thing with Christians. Try to force Jesus on someone, and look at how pissed they get. What they are really pissed about is being forced to adopt an idea where the idea shows self conflict, thus, non-functional. So when we talk about the foundations of the United States being rooted in Liberty and Justice FOR ALL, the idea has to be respectfully offered but can NOT be forced, as it is the exact opposite of the very meaning of Freedom. The Freedom to choose for ones self. When the idea is expressed, it can NOT self-contradict.

    Our wiser crew here knows that there are some inherit risks that come with Freedom and Capitalism. We have all entertained the idea that Freedom has some problems. We have taken our time and compared the concept of a Free Republic to other concepts such as Socialism and have decided for ourselves that the benefits far outweigh the risks. That is HOW we are able to make the choice. We dont force the choice. We offer. We inspire. We inform.

    BLM wants Freedom. A person can have no more freedom than they are willing to give to another. If BLM wants Freedom from White Oppression, then they need to offer to make White People as FREE as they want to be themselves. Real Freedom is not the Freedom to oppress another. Real Freedom is the freedom to choose what is right for themselves, and respect those that are both different in their choices and genetics. The trouble with BLM is they are operating under Group Psychology where there is NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT. Mob Rule. Basically the best example of what a Democracy really is. To get through to a BLM member, they need to be broken out of the Group Psychology and encouraged to think for themselves independently. That is the ONLY way to get them out of the "seek and destroy white" mindset, and it is ONLY the very first step.

    How do you stop a crazy train?
    Thinking must always involve REJECT, ENTERTAIN, ACCEPT. Teach them HOW to think for themselves. Break them free of their Group Psychology.

    It was once said that men go mad in herds, and only slowly come back to their sanity in solitude of the insane group.
    1776 > 1984

    The FAILURE of the United States Government to operate and maintain an
    Honest Money System , which frees the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, is the single largest contributing factor to the World's current Economic Crisis.

    The Elimination of Privacy is the Architecture of Genocide

    Belief, Money, and Violence are the three ways all people are controlled

    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Our central bank is not privately owned.

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