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Thread: St Louis Mayor reveals names & addresses of protesters

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    St Louis Mayor reveals names & addresses of protesters

    Part of me wonders, how many of these protesters voted for her?

    But Krewson went a step further: She publicly revealed the names and addresses of anti-police protesters, a decision that drew extra criticism in the tense weeks following George Floyd’s death at the hands of a white Minneapolis officer who pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck. More than 50,000 people have signed a petition calling for her resignation.

    Releasing the names and addresses was dangerous “because you never know what someone else will do with that information,” Aldermanic President Lewis Reed said Tuesday.

    Alderwoman Megan Green said Krewson’s action was “designed to intimidate and to quell dissent and to stop a movement that is happening not just locally” but across the country.

    Lyda Krewson (born November 14, 1953[1]) is an American Democratic politician who is the 46th and current mayor of St. Louis, Missouri.[2] She is St. Louis's first female mayor, elected in 2017.
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    Figured she would release the names and addresses of people that were protesting against the coronavirus, rather than protesting against the police.
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