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Thread: Dozens arrested at the Hague unauthorized rally against COVID-19 restrictions

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    Dozens arrested at the Hague unauthorized rally against COVID-19 restrictions

    The Police at Hague were quick to arrest protesters protesting Covid 19 lockdown restrictions.

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    This time a mere 37 were arrested...

    On 21 June, a reported 400 were arrested for protesting against the COVID-19 police state:

    When some 5000 people in Amsterdam were protesting against the death of George Floyd – who died all the way in the USA – the police did nothing.

    That was on the orders of the Mayor selected by King Willem-Alexander, Femke Halsema, who was more criticised than the protesters (this is not the usual way of reporting):
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    Donald Trump, another puppet controlled by the international elite:

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    All protests are equal, but some protests are more equal.
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    If you protest against coronavirus, you're considered dangerous. If you're a BLM protester, you're considered a hero.
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    Yeah I don't really recognise my own country anymore. Only a short time before corona we had this:

    [Protests against the implementation of measures around nitrogen]

    And yes, these were farmers who set records with the amount of traffic jams caused by driving their tractors on the highways, towards The Hague, onto the big central field there.. On a few occasions.

    I guess the lesson there is, if you drive a couple tons of metal, you're less likely to be unjustly arrested . (a few farmers were arrested tho, but they also resowed the grass on the field and paid for all the damages they caused as farmers are decent people)

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