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Thread: CA Golden State Killer Rapist Cop pleads guilty

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    CA Golden State Killer Rapist Cop pleads guilty

    Remember DeAngelo the dirty cop they captured.

    DeAngelo, a Vietnam veteran and a grandfather, had never been on investigators’ radar until just before his arrest.

    Investigators didn’t connect a series of assaults in central and Northern California to slayings in Southern California until about a decade after the last killing and eventually settled on the Golden State Killer nickname for the mysterious assailant.

    Police used DNA from crime scenes to find a distant relative through a popular genealogy website database then built a family tree that eventually led them to him. They tailed DeAngelo and secretly collected DNA from his car door and a discarded tissue to get an arrest warrant.
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    Not surprising one bit that the Golden State Killer turned out to be a cop. A lot of people theorized he was.
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