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Thread: Happening Today: Matt Gurtler MONEY BOMB! Ron Paul Endorsed!

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    Happening Today: Matt Gurtler MONEY BOMB! Ron Paul Endorsed!

    As you may know Matt Gurtler is running for GA's 9th congressional District. He is the real deal. He's been in the GA state House for 4 years and voted "no" more than any other legislator. He is endorsed by Rand Paul, Ron Paul, and Thomas Massie. He has a very solid ground game. I volunteered for the campaign a few days and I can tell you there is a big team of liberty lovers that are working hard to get him elected.

    The primary election was June 11th and in a 9 way race Matt ended up taking 1st place with about 23% of the vote. In GA if no candidate gets 50% it moves to a two way run off. Matts opponent is a wealthy gun store owner who can self finance and the campaign is going to need serious cash to fight back. His opponent has already started smearing and attacking Matt. Please consider tuning in to Matt's Facebook Live and watching him lay out his plan for victory and donating so that he can win this run-off on August 11th.

    If you you want to check out the campaign update just search "Matt Gurtler" on Facebook and you'll find his page. Going live at 3pm EST

    Donate at:
    just me

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    Bump - He's live. About half way to the fundraising goal! Search "Matt Gurtler" on facebook and you can tune it to the video.
    just me

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    17k/20k raised thus far... only 3k more needed by midnight
    just me

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    I wish good luck to Matt Gurtler.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    Matt hit his 20K goal - woohoo! Just want to emphasize how BIG of an opportunity this is for the liberty movement.... Matt is a Ron Paul Republican with the record to back it up... YAL endorsed, Thomas Massie endorsed, Rand Paul endorsed, Ron Paul endorsed. The smears from his wealthy opponent are coming in fast and furious. Please consider a donation if you can and if not, would you please consider liking and sharing his candidate page on Facebook? Much Appreciated yall!
    just me

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