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Thread: Coronavirus: 'Major Spike'...Or Major Propaganda?

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    Coronavirus: 'Major Spike'...Or Major Propaganda?

    Coronavirus: 'Major Spike'...Or Major Propaganda?

    The doom and gloom "scientists" are back on television warning of a massive new spike in coronavirus cases...while admitting also to a massive "spike" in testing and a massive decrease in deaths across the country. Are they conditioning Americans to accept another lockdown and shutdown of the economy? How to explain the hysteria over rising "cases" while also admitting to falling deaths. Plus today: "contact tracing" looks to be a massive boondoggle in New York. Can Texas expect the same dismal failure of its third of a billion dollar "contact tracing" program?
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    I've been watching the percent positive in the testing and notice it has leveled off at around 2.5%.

    Couldn't the 2.5% be the possible false positives of the testing?

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